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Black Mountain, NC


7661 NW 68th St. #103 Miami, Fl 33166


Casting Studio

O. Haligon Fine Art Studio
6724 NE 4th Avenue  Miami, FL 33138

Spectrum Miami/ Art Spot International Art Fair
Wynwood Miami Art District, December 2015


Haligon Fine Art can conceptualize, design and build figurative and relief sculptures using materials ranging from foam to fiberglass or steel. They are able to engage in any part of the building process, from conception to design, pattern and mold making, to finished and installed works.

They work side by side with me to bring my dreams to reality. They can create volumes of any shapes, sizes or materials made from drawings or my own ideas. The knowledge and engineering capabilities of Haligon Fine Art offer great technical solutions for the most High Tech projects. The are my preferred Casting Studio!

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