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Born in Venezuela, Carolina Rojas works in Black mountain, North Carolina. She produced a large number of sculptures of great artistic vision, original content, and unprecedented style.


“There is a precision in her sculpture that is undeniable, a precision that is the very essence of her work. Like a scientist she analyzes the exact proportions and measurements of the formal idea, which she is projecting into new manifestations. Every aspect of the form is important, the choice of the material, the look of the surface. For Rojas, the technical aspects of the sculpture are directed toward a sensory meaning that becomes a metaphor of existence in time and space. In this sense, the precision of Rojas’s art is like a journey through some unknown metaphysical reality where the substance of life is explored and investigated, pulled apart and reconstituted. It is a purposeful equivocation poised between the physical and the metaphysical that endures in the sculpture of Carolina Rojas – welcome at planet peace.”

Art History Consulting
Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund


Carolina’s bronze sculptures are now in private collections throughout the United States, Venezuela, China, Mexico and Spain.


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