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Golden seeds


The tide took us to unknown bearings; strong winds from nowhere added distance to our point of origin, pushing everyone to a faraway destination only certain to God. The vast ocean became both foe and friend if just any of us had guessed the direction of the journey. Zillions of blue fish became our travel companions, dancing in their usual waves to create a shimmering beauty with their joy and collective ethos of a unique kind, shape, and movement of nature. We felt their gaze directed at us, simple and living seeds that one day would contribute to the rebirth of a green landscape. Time ceased to exist for an undetermined period until the wave’s force pulled us all with an unexpected furry of massive transport that would lead us to the continental shore, a desired endpoint. We were found, at last, but unrecognized. We, little capsules of life resilient to the most brutal changes of the environment, had arrived hoping to complete our destiny. To awaken and develop into our glorious life-giving beauty that distinguishes our planet as a comfortable and revitalizing sphere of plants, flowers, trees, and forests. 

Could it be that someday we will remember the lush greenery of our planet, destined to live on an uninhabited land devoid of vegetation and food due to the lack of seeds that grow in our fields? Many people are seeking ways to return to live in harmony with the Earth, with a healthy lifestyle in touch with nature. 


This installation is intended to keep the idea of nature alive as we progress with so many technological advances, learning to respect plants and seeds for their wholesome beauty and worth in their natural form. 

​The reason for these pieces is to help grow this network of informed beings whose potential is to become the organic seed guardians and supporters of healthy and healing environments. 

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